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Top 10 Emerging Immigration Law Firms – 2023

Immigration technology is evolving, supporting law firms in navigating regulatory changes, understanding clients’ concerns, and designing internal business processes. Law firms are effectively navigating the immigration maze and assisting employers in overcoming legal hurdles by utilizing new and more user-friendly technology solutions.

The latest wave of digital technology has a profound effect on the immigration process in the workplace. Law firms are quickly adopting immigration software solutions powered by embedded artificial intelligence (AI). By examining the details of the application, this technology can determine whether or not a case will be allowed.

Immigration law firms use technologies to ensure strong cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Currently, immigration management solutions are purpose-built to guide law firms through the process, helping them overcome barriers and providing a more user-friendly interface for HR departments.

Emerging legal businesses are also choosing advanced immigration software solutions that serve as a centralized store of essential data, allowing law firms to have centralized access to information and preventing document theft.

This edition of Manage HR highlights the key developments in the space and how immigration law firms are capitalizing on them. We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including Marie-France Desmarais, Director, Human Resources, Canada, Kerry & Christina Dimatati, Human Resources Director, Arivia S.A.

We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of top-notch immigration law firms. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, immigration law firms such as WA Law Group help transform immigration management at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

We hope this edition of Manage HR on immigration law firms will help you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by efficient technology.

    Top Emerging Immigration Law Firms

  • With an emphasis on legal employment and investmentbased immigration law, WA Law Group—a Marylandbased firm— offers comprehensive services to U.S. Employers find much needed workers that U.S. workers do not want to fill and help individuals and families navigate the complex and often confusing process of obtaining visas, green cards, and citizenship


  • Global Immigration, The Law Firm of Edward Rodriguez, is an immigration law firm that offers the legal expertise, scale, and flexibility needed to ensure the highest caliber of legal representation. Its team represents clients in U.S. immigration and nationality law throughout the continental U.S. and all U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide to help clients achieve their immigration goals.


  • J. Aponte & Associates is an employment-based immigration law practice assisting companies across the U.S. by providing workforce immigration solutions. The company helps employers to secure temporary and permanent immigration benefits for foreign national professional employees working in the U.S.


  • The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi has made a difference in the immigration landscape by continuously fighting for clients until their respective immigration case has been approved. We pride ourselves on promptly evaluating and processing immigration cases and providing employers and candidates with successful immigration results.


  • Salazar Dager Immigration Law is a leading immigration law firm that specializes in providing personal assistance in immigration law to people who wish to do business, live, work, study, and settle in the United States.


  • The Varela Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services specializing in family and business immigration services. It has the in-depth industry expertise and a broad knowledge base with a thorough understanding of the culture of the people it engages with.


  • Bhatt Law, PLLC

    Bhatt Law, PLLC

    Bhatt Law, PLLC specializes in immigration assistance for corporations and enterprises. They are located in Jericho, New York, serving the United States with business immigration, H1B, permanent residency, green cards, and visas. Their reputation and track record of achievement speak for themselves

  • CJ Lake

    CJ Lake

    CJ Lake, LLC’s professionals in Washington, DC, have various talents and expertise that provide customers with various solutions for solving issues, recognizing opportunities, and attaining goals. They seek to ensure that their customers’ policy goals are addressed in the legal and regulatory processes

  • Elliott Immigration Law LLC

    Elliott Immigration Law LLC

    In all forms of family and employment-based immigration concerns, Elliott Immigration Law LLC law firm provides clients with knowledgeable legal assistance and committed representation. They have a global immigration practice, serving customers from all over the country and the world

  • Garvish Immigration Law Group

    Garvish Immigration Law Group

    Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC is an Atlanta-based boutique immigration law practice representing business and individual clients worldwide. The firm is solely dedicated to employment and family law matters. At Garvish Immigration Law Group, they operate under one guiding principle: their clients come first

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