Jinhee Wilde, CEO & Founder and Sunwook An, Partner, WA Law GroupJinhee Wilde, CEO & Founder and Sunwook An, Partner
The U.S. has long been known as the land of opportunities, attracting millions from various parts of the world who seek better lives. These immigrants play a vital role in the nation’s growth and development, contributing to its economy, society, and cultural fabric.

Despite this, immigration processes that are marred by complex and alternating policies remain a major bottleneck for many, nipping the pursuit of the American dream in the bud. Changing political scenarios and the effects of the pandemic have added to the woes for immigrants looking to build a career in science and innovation.

Jinhee Wilde, an immigration law expert, has always focused on making immigration seamless for qualified individuals. She combined her legal expertise and over three decades of government and corporate experience to establish WA Law Group, a boutique immigration law firm specializing in investment and employment immigration.

With a proficient team of attorneys with over 50 years combined experience, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of immigration law services. From the green card to citizenship process, team WA Law Group guides each client through the confusing gamut of immigration law and policies.

“We’re strong and compassionate advocates for both immigrant and non-immigrant visa cases, committed to representing people to start a new life in the U.S.,” says Wilde, CEO of WA Law Group. “Each of our professionals is wellversed in accommodating unique client needs and cultural preferences, ensuring they receive exceptional services that best meet or exceed their expectations.”

Strategizing Right, Crafting a Legacy

The firm is the result of Wilde’s passion for making a world of difference in the decades-old ‘charge-out rates’ model prevalent in the U.S. legal system and law firms.

WA Law Group stays true to this mission by approaching its work from a unique perspective—keeping a close eye on the politics of immigration. This keen sense of the world around enables it to devote extra care to each client, resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Under Wilde’s leadership, WA Law Group continuously enhances its operations and has gained a reputation in the immigration space for the unmatched excellence of its services. Its ability to provide clients with personalized services and positive outcomes makes it unique and allows it to successfully assist hundreds of immigrants in fulfilling their American dream. Attorneys at WA Law Firm go above and beyond, helping clients obtain visas, green cards, and citizenship by preparing near-perfect and approvable applications that exceed the minimum required evidence for clearance.

WA Law Group has always maintained more than 95 percent approval track record, with few requests for evidence (RFE) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is no surprise that it has a high referral rate and most of its clients are acquired by word-of-mouth.

A Didactic Approach for Seamless Immigration

With a client-centric approach, WA Law Group embraces a mix of collaboration and engagement. . A typical client engagement begins with a free initial consultation that allows them to speak with an attorney and better understand their legal options before committing to any services. If a client asks for full support, the team handholds them through their entire immigration journey and remains highly responsive when they seek help.

At Wa Law Group, We don’t Chase Dollars, We Chase Reputation. Taking Time to Fully Communicate with Clients is not a Waste of our Time

Committed to providing the best personalized services, team WA Law Group delves deeply into a client’s story to gain a holistic understanding of their needs and grievances. It uses this information to conduct a thorough background search on their immigration histories, ensuring that they are eligible for U.S. security clearance.

Once they are found eligible, the team formulates the best strategies to make a successful case. Whether it is a job or investment-related migration, WA Law Group begins the immigration filing by procuring all the documents required to support their case. The team pays significant attention to documentation, as the smallest errors could lead to unexpected delays or rejections from the Department of Labor, USCIS, or State department.

“By collaborating with a WA Law Group attorney, clients can rest assure they’re in the right hands to fulfill their immigration dreams,” says Wilde.

Giving Scholarships: A Humane Way of Connecting with Community

Team WA Law Group is committed to offering various scholarships to students. This, according to Wilde, is the initial step in finding and encouraging exceptional talents to serve the team and has been providing Wilde Attorney Scholarships to college students for the past two years through Jinhee Wildeattorneyscholarship.com.

In 2022, Wilde and her husband, Dr. David Wilde, established a new scholarship fund at their alma mater, the University of Chicago. The primary focus of the new Jinhee Wilde, Esq. and Dr. David Wilde Odyssey Scholarship Fund is to assist students as they complete their studies and establish successful careers. These scholarships are open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents enrolled at the University of Chicago.

“Our scholarship programs ensure the University of Chicago continues to attract and support talented students from diverse backgrounds who can make significant contributions to society,” says Wilde.
  • Our Scholarship Programs will allow many Students, Particularly new Immigrants or Minority, To Have Opportunities to further their Studies and Make Significant Contributions to Society in the Future

As the chairperson at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Wilde is also establishing a third scholarship program this year, adding more options for students to build their lives and careers. This commitment to social justice is deeply ingrained in the firm’s culture and is a testament to its core values.

In Pursuit of Expanding Roots

WA Law Group is anticipating a leadership change in the next few years, as Wilde is planning to retire. Her business partner, Sunwook “Sunny” An, who shares the same passion for making significant changes in the immigration space, will assume the responsibilities of WA Law Group. This is expected to lead to a more vigorous approach to growth and operational excellence.

Sunwook will focus on taking Wilde’s efforts to the next level, making WA Law Group a go-to partner for numerous aspirants worldwide. It has already kick-started new initiatives for training employees to develop a sense of companionship toward clients.

Wilde’s vision and Sunwook’s proactive mindset will take WA Law Group further up the leaderboard while its mission remains the same—delivering the best immigration services with a client-first approach.